School & daily tasks.

How´s the weather?
Colors all around.

Months of the year.

Numbers. For the oldest children.
More numbers.: Younger children.

Talking Flashcards: escucha y repite con ritmo. Book, chair, desk, pencil case, pen, ruler, pencil, eraser, clock, crayon, scissors, sharpener, stapler, teacher.

This is the way we go to school. Canción.

What´s this? Fun song with rhythm!!

This is my pencil. Canción. Ritmillo, but not so fun.

Niños charlando sobre el principio del colegio.

Classroom objects. Pencil, pen, crayons, paper, book, ruler, school bag, calculator, scissors, notebook, eraser, glue, pencil sharpener, folder, pencil case, desk, computer, blackboard, globe, chair, classroom. REVISION.
Rat-a-tat: school. No words!

School subjects. Complete.
School subjects: Fun!
English on Tour: School subjects. Difficult, but great pictures.
School subjects: I think...

Days of the week.


6º - Unit 1.
What are you doing? What is he doing? RAP. I like...
How often ...
I do ... song.
 5º - Unit 1.
What do you do everyday?
This is what I do.
Teddy Rock: If you're happy...
If you're happy...
Do you like... spiders?
Do you like broccoli icecream?
4º - 5º UNIT 1.
What time is it?
What do you do everyday? Reindeer.
What do you like to do? Reindeer.

Have you got a pet?
Stomp your feet.

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