PLACE: The house, the street, the class...

Watch the videos, listen to the music, enjoy the games.

Road safety. ¡Repasa las normas de tráfico en inglés!
Road safety with Nellie and Ned. ¡Muy divertido! Cómo cruzar la carretera...
Traffic police.
Stop, look & listen. A song!!!!!
The little bus.
in, on, under, next to, between. Prepositions 

Listen & repeat. My home.
Aprende con "the house train".

Todo sobre la casa y alrededores: This is my home.

Listen: Desde apartamento hasta casa.

The house song.
We live in our house.
¿Dónde está a abeja? Encuéntrala aquí.

Let's clean up.
4º 5º 6º
On in under by. They like! The spider.
How many snakes are there?
How many...? 1, 2, 3,....
There are...
How many eggs... Stories.
In front of, behind, between.

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