Animals !!

Ocean clean up!
One question from "oceancleanup".

Enjoy these webs!!
Iberian lynx.
Learning about ecosystems.
Song about ecosystems.

Flashcards about animals.
Flashcards of real animals.
Invertebrate animals.
It has four legs song.
Can an elephant jump?
What can you do? 
Count to ten the animals. Look at the colours...
Name and gestures of the animals. Song.
Supersinglesongs. Animals.
I love animals.
Name of the animals.
Sounds of the animals. Song.

What do you see? Fun!
Animals' name song.
Song for the animals'  sounds.
Ocean animals.
Animals'  sounds.
Look wild animals. Read their names.
Difficult but interesting. Listen about animals...
Difficult but catchy song about animals.
Ocean animals.
Wild animals with african song.
Song to listen. Fiebre de la jungla.
The giraffe is tall.

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