6th course of Primary Ed.

Hello, Goodbye song, by The Beatles.
Good morning, good afternoon!
Hello, let´s make a circle.
Months of the year. Song.
Abc song. Super simple. (no)
Crazy ABC: Every child wins.
What´s your name?
How´s the weather?
Colors all around.
Teddy Rock: If you're happy...
Maple learning. 42 min of songs.

Numbers. For the oldest children.
Numbers. Walrus.
Months ofthe year.
Days of the week.

Topic 1: Online!
No internet song.
The Internet is down song.
The Internet of things song.
Vocabulary: Means of communication: A bit old :)
Song for communication: With my friends I chat!
Fun song to communicate: Communication is the key, it connects both you and me!
What are you doing? What is he doing? RAP. I like...
How often ...
I do ... song.

Topic 2: What´s on TV?
Cartoon song.

Topic 3: Think green!
Cleaning up the ocean. Cartoons.
Going green song.
The 3 Rs song by Jack Johnson. Lyrics.
Reduce, reuse, recycle song.
Ocean cleanup promises to clear oceans. Boyan Slat. Listen.
Tilda collects the medicine caps. Listen.

Topic 4: What do you want to be?
Maybe you want to be. Song.
What do you want to do. song. Estructura del libro.
What does he do. Song.
I´m a policeman. It´s my job. It's what I do.
When I grow up, I´m going to be a teacher. There´s so much I can do now.
What do you do? I am a signer.
British Council. Game. Present Simple.

Topic 5: Making history.
Play with the past. Game.
Jobs 1. Game.
Jobs 2. Game.
British Council. Song & Game.
British Council. Story & game.
Play with the past of the verb to be.
There was a woman. Tale.
An old lady swallowed a fly.
Maryland (USA). Listen.
Delaware (USA). Listen.
Our history in 6 minutes. Listen.

Games: Cerebriti. Presente. TO BE. Teoría.
English activities. Variedad.
I am happy song.
I am, you are... song.
I am not... song.
I am happy song. Maple.
This is big.
The most important verb. RAP.
Be verb rock.
A verb is an action word. Verb rap.
Action verbs sing along. Rap.
Lights, camera, action. Verbs song.

Topic 6: A busy weekend!
British Council. Game. The simple past.
The past. ELF. Song. 1.
The past. ELF. Song. 2.
The past. ELF. Song. 3.

Topic 7: Animal experts.
What´s hiding deep within the ocean? Listen.
British Council. Game. Comparatives.

Topic 8: Virtual reality.

6º - Do you like... snakes???

Song to travel.
Summer time.
Let's play summertime.

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