1st course of Primary Ed.

Hello song. Simple song.
Bye bye. Simple song.
Months of the year. Walrus song.

Topic 1: At school.
School materials song.  Where is it?
On, in, under, by song.

Topic 2: My family
Family song.

Topic 3: Perfect pets.
I have a pet.
Wag your tail. Simple song.

Topic 4. My toys.
Topic 5: In the house.
Rooms of the house song.

Topic 6: My body.
Head, shoulder... song.
Gestures. Game.
Topic 7: My favourite food.
Topic 8: At the seaside.

The little green frog song.
Elephants have wrinkles song.

Can you clap.

I see something pink.
Aram sam sam song.
Animals sounds.
A sailor went to the sea.
Hickory dickory.
The wheels on the bus.
ABC song.
Eensy weensy spider.
Actions song. Na na na na...
Open, shut song.
See you, clap... varias.
Animals sounds.
Animals sounds. Mejor.

I see something blue.
What's in your bag?
How old are you?
Can you fly?
Enjoy with the songs, escuchadas y gestualizadas en clase.

Animals sounds: horse...
Eensy weensy spider. Dibujos.
Eensy weensy spider.
Old Mac Donald.
I have a pet.

Hello, can you...?
My teddy bear.
If you're happy.
Bye bye.
See you!
Open, shut them.
Head, shoulders.
Daddy finger.
I see something blue. Pink.

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