5th course of Primary Ed.

Hello, goodbye song, by The Beatles.
How´s the weather? (change)
Colors all around.
Numbers. For the oldest children.

Unit 1: Home time.
What do you do everyday?
This is what I do.
What time is it?
What do you do everyday? Reindeer.
What do you like to do? Reindeer.

Unit 2: Kids can cook.
Do you like... spiders? (change)
Do you like broccoli icecream? (change)

Unit 3: Keep healthy!
Healthy habits song.

Unit 4: Let´s go shopping!
Let's go shopping song.
What would you like to order? song.
English on tour.
In front of, behind, between.
In front of.

Unit 5: Ocean life.
Under the water.
Octopus song.
Jellyfish song.
Blue Whale song.
Starfish song.
Play with animals (amphibians, mammals...). Game.

Games: Cerebriti. Presente. TO BETeoría.
English activities. Variedad.
I am happy song.
I am, you are... song.
I am not... song.
I am happy song. Maple.
This is big.
The most important verb. RAP.
Be verb rock.

A verb is an action word. Verb rap. 
Action verbs sing along. Rap.
Lights, camera, action. Verbs song.

Unit 6: Wonderful world.
Comparatives song.
She´s tall song.

Unit 7: A great day out!
Unit 8: Adventure Island.

Good morning, good afternoon!
What´s your name?

On in under by. They like! The spider.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

What was it? Magic class.
Bye bye.

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